RRCP 4/25


Rapid Room Color Prototyping 4/25

Caroline: Worked collectively in 3DS Max to implement lighting into the room. Was instrumental in pushing forward the IRB-which is on its way to being completed soon.

Soheyla: Used prior knowledge of 3DS Max to implement lighting into the room.

Olivia: Finished modeling the virtual room in Sketch Up, and exported to 3DS Max for lighting. Tried to help with lighting.

Accomplishments: This week, we made great strides by solidifying the fundamentals of our experiment i.e. room design/modeling. As a group, we worked together in wording the experiment in the IRB, and incorporating lighting and color into the models.

Problems: The main thing we need to make sure of is that the rooms have realistic lighting with correct coloring-this will take some tweaking in 3DS Max to produce our different colored rooms at different saturations.

Schedule: We are feeling ok on where we are right now. There are elements of the experiment that definitely need to be finalized, but we know what those are and are working through those details.

Next week: Submit IRB, complete all of the room prototypes with lighting, have survey complete, mock experiment/test all of the rooms

RRCP April 11

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As a group in this week we really started getting into our project.

– We tested the Emotive system and software- so much fun- We also started to become more familiar with the software by reading the software instruction
– We tried to finalize the number of rooms and make color decision
– Furniture or none? We’ll test both on ourselves first. We’re leaning towards neutral furniture such as in a cruise ship cabin.
– Furniture will color same as wall
– We’ll design 4 rooms off of a central room and allow the participant to walk between the rooms at will. We’ll measure how much time they spend in each room.
– white, red, blue, green will be the colors we’ll test. We discussed trying yellow to cover the primary colors, but decided it was too unusual a room color given the saturation we wish to test.
– Using sketch-up, we made our sample room.
– We made an appointment with a research method professor for the next week in order to get help for drafting the right survey questions, and reached out to the emeritus professor of the class “Color Theory: Environmental Context”
– We came up with some idea to solidify interactive activity of the subject while in the environment
– Tell participants task at hand in advance
– “Which hotel room would you most enjoy having for your vacation?”
– Integrate controller training in lobby
– Participant will verbally say their preference – numbered
– And will offer an adjective for their favorite room
– we will use standard prompt if indecisive
– finally, we’ll compare the results vs. a survey we give to people on paper showing color pictures of the room

We hope we will find out Does being in the immersive environment change people’s preferences for room color?

Next Week’s Plans:
– Testing the Emotive system – what does it add to our study? How would we make it work with test subjects?
– Complete Draft of experiment design
– Complete Draft survey question
– Working on the interactive activity of the subject while in the environment

Note: post written by Soheila Mohamadi


This Week: Aprill 4th


Caroline-Finish IRB training, dig in to the fundamentals Emotive software (Affectiv), some Sketch Up?

Soheyla-Continue in the research of similar color experiments, find potentially adoptable procedural standard for experiment

Olivia-Finish IRB training as well, find potential google warehouse spaces, familiarize self with SketchUp


As a group, we used this week as a learning curve-to continue to familiarize ourselves with the tools/software needed to conduct our experiment so we can dive into the nitty gritty of our experiment starting next week.


Accomplishments: Finishing the fun IRB training, and further familiarizing ourselves with the software will make it possible to leave the learning phase—and to really start getting into our project.


Problems: Sketch Up’s free trial download allows for eight hours of work time. Without paying for the software, it gives us 24 hours of work time between the three of us, plus any extra computers we can acquire if needed to build our 3D space. Just kidding, you only receive 8 hours free of Sketch Up Pro-basic Make Up lasts forever.


On Schedule?:

Roughly. We could be more comfortably further ahead, however being unfamiliar with our tools, it was important to take the time to build fundamental knowledge about the programs we are using in order to accomplish our experiment. This will allow us to forge ahead in the next weeks. More concrete imagery to come!


Next Weeks Plans:

  • Finalize room/color decisions
  • Use Sketch Up to build/make adjustments to spaces-so much fun
  • Test run the Emotiv system and software
  • Draft experiment design
  • Draft survey questions
  • Solidify interactive activity of subject while in environment


April 4th
Get emotive software installed and do a test run
Complete IRB Training
Lit review – what work has been done?
Install Sketchup and do a tutorial

April 11
Take Python training
Choose Google warehouse rooms to start from
Draft study design and questions
Draft IRBb

April 18
Test emotive + cave setup
Finish training on necessary skills

April 25
Finalize study design and questions
Finalize dates and times
Begin recruiting

May 2
Run tests

May 9
Iterate on test design if necessary
Begin writing report

May 16
Final polishing and submission

Contingency plan:
We’ve started with a fairly small core project design, leaving room to grow as time allows. If we experience problems, we’re actively logging possible avenues for assistance, including forums, DoIT technical training, and so on.

Rapid room color prototyping

Project description: by using the cave to rapidly prototype colors and patterns in rooms, we can more easily measure the effects on people’s moods with the assistance of the Emotive and questionnaires.

Group Skills:

SOHEYLA: I am familiar with some computer modelling software and colour theory.

Caroline: I have experience in computer programming

Olivia: I have Design skills

Examples of room colors

Group To do:

  • Read about Emotiv

  • Begin to write an IRB

  • Take human subjects training here (about an hour)

  • Learn about IRBs