“Moneo” – Project Design Proposal


It’s not what you know,
But who you know…
… Yet, how to remember them all?

  • The Business Card: A classic method for exchanging contact information
  • The Handshake: A classic method of professional greeting

Can we combine these two iconic symbols of professionalism?


Introducing the Moneo

  • Acts as an electronic business card
  • Can transfer contact information to other Moneos upon shaking hands
  • Can store many contacts – No risk of losing that stack of cards!
  • Suitable for large events where you meet many new people
  • Everything is contained in a low-profile wrist strap


Evolution of the Moneo

  • Initially started as a glove device, and then a half glove, but these ideas were scrapped due to concerns of bulkiness.
  • Eventually settled on a wrist strap both for its simplicity and that many conferences already use wrist straps as I.D.
  • Initial idea was to use NFC, Near Field Communication, but this technology is complicated to use and there were serious range concerns.
  • 2.4 GHz radios were eventually picked for communication due to the ease of use and cost.
Moneo Design Diagram

Moneo: Showing general layout and parts.


Bill of Materials

  • Nylon Wrist Strap : $10
  • Microcontroller : $20
  • RF Transceiver : $2
  • Accelerometer : $15
  • MicroSD Socket : $5
  • Battery : $7
  • Miscellaneous Parts & Tools : $150

Estimated Mass Production Cost

~ $15 at Qtys >10,000


Production Process

  • Order and Assemble Prototype Components
  • Determine Circuit for Transmission Range
  • Design a PCB (TBD)
  • Assemble Final PCB(s) and Sew to Strap(s)


Skills Required

  •  RF Circuit Design
  •  PCB Design and Assembly (TBD)


Production Schedule

  • Oct 28: Order Prototype Parts
  • Nov 11: Assemble Prototype, Design PCB
  • Nov 18: Order PCB, Software Development
  • Dec 2: Assemble PCB, Assemble Strap
  • Dec 9: Final Testing and Tweaking


Fallback Plans

Major Risk: PCB Production Time

  • Worst Case: Sew Prototype Parts to Strap
  • Alternative: Replace PCB

Risk: RF Circuit Design

  •  Worst Case: Fallback to Physical Contacts
  •  Alternative: Use IR, Sound, Induction, etc…