Week 5 Update – GLOVES

What did you do this week?

This week, the button was made. Figure below shows how we put the QTC sensor between the copper taffeta . It’s just a prototype. It’s not really neat but it works at least for these coming 2 weeks.

After that I tested the QTC sensor and (another flexible pressure sensor) with UNO. It worked :). I could turn the LED on/off . (Shown in the video below)



We tested the bluetooth and confirmed that data can be transferred over the connection. We are still working to figure out how we can send the text message from the smart phone.

Describe the problems you encountered

I couldn’t find the Android-based smart phone to play with it during holiday. It’s not a big deal. I wrote a chuck of code. I’ll test it soon.

Describe the successes you had

Finally we could make the button from the QTC.

Thanks to the generous donation of copper taffeta from Nathan, We used it as a conductive material to ‘sandwich’ wires to each side of the QTC material. It’s successful, this’ll be a very resilient sensor for pressure that we can put on the fingertips or along the sides of the gloves for user interaction.

We also had success transmitting data from a bluetooth-enabled phone to the bluetooth module and having the Arduino respond to the data. We will use this success to move onto sending textual data and displaying it on the screen next!

Are you on schedule?

Yes! We’re past our initial hurdle of communication and we hope that integration of sensors will go much more smoothly. Hopefully!! 🙂

What do you plan to do next week?

For next week, we plan to integrate the flex sensors and build a test program for the android phone to transmit custom data (e.g. text messages) to the lilypad/screen.

Week 2 – progress report

  • What did you do this week? [Include image(s)]
  1. Got all the material
  2. tested the screen
  3. tested the android toolkit and paired it up with arduino BT.
  4. tested the QTC material (res: 25 ohm – 1.5K ohm)
  • Describe the problems you encountered
  1. still we have a little problem for sending command from android to arduino
  • Describe the successes you had
  1. Android toolkit installed successfully
  2. Screen
  • Are you on schedule?
  1. sort of, we kind of jump to the second milestone 
  • What do you plan to do next week?
  1. will embed the QTC inside the PDMS
  2. working/coding for both android and arduino part
  3. starting to embed the LEDs inside the gloves




Glove as an interface – Week 1 – progress report

We got the gloves. (Thanks Jessica)


We ordered these parts:

– Bluetooth Mate Silver $39.95
– QTC $14 (Thanks Nathan)
– Serial Enabled 16×2 LCD – White on Black 5V (for testing purpose)$24.95
– wires $5
– Battery $1.5

– All the materials are estimated to be arrived by Wed Nov 6th.
– We will test our code on UNO for this week.
– We have to fugue out something for flexible screen/LED
– We will put the sensors and wires inside the glove liners.
– Next week we will work on the signaling part (with QTC)