late by a day, i know. but i got a lot done tonight to share!

here is a nice tatt to visualize how the coordinates are manifested on the athlete’s arm

here is a very nice photo of a magnet successfully nested in the knit fabric with silicone caulk

here is the prototype sleeve for sizing purposes

here is a movie prop from Elysium.  That is Matt Damon’s arm and he is modeling and testing the readings of the accelerometer.


here is a circuit completed with the use of the magnet as evidenced by the lit LED

What did you do this week?

I did a lot this week relative to past weeks.  I started soldering my circuit, which was really fun.  I also patterned and constructed the fabric sleeve “muslin”.  With the completed circuit, I tested LEDs and took accelerometer readings based on swimming movements.  On Sunday during my lifeguard shift, I took at swim to figure out rough stroke counts per pool length.  I really did a lot of little chores that included a lot of little tests.

Describe the problems you encountered.

The hardest thing this week was using the cold heat soldering system.  Tonight, I accidentally broke the tip so that was not good.

another thing that i have a problem with is that i am making my wires too long and they are going to be taking up a lot of space.

also, neodymium magnets lose magnetic force when heated so i kind of destroyed a lot of their magnetic hold when using the cold heat soldering gun…..

Describe the successes you had.

I won’t get to all of them, but I found that the magnets conduct electricity.  I found my circuit works in that the LEDs function and accelerometer takes accurate readings. I found that the silicone caulk fuses well to both the knit and the magnet.  I tested an iron-on tape that should help my magnet openings.

Are you on schedule?

I will finish by Friday.

What do you plan to do this week?

Finish strong and program a lot.

week 6

What I did this week:

Worked on the code and my final LED strips came in.


Figured out the values for the sensors and got it working well.

The LEDs are responding to the sensors, they work well together.




This coming week:

This week I will be sewing my LED strips into the scarf, the LED strips will have different patterns that they perform throughout the time the scarf is turned on, sewing the LilyPad into the scarf as well as the sensors, and finishing the construction of the scarf so it appears aesthetically pleasing.

week 5

what did you do?

– finished scarf

– finished code


– have not tested code to see if it works yet, problems setting that portion of the project up


– scarf is complete


still doing well

next week:

begin sewing on the led’s

finalize code


week 4

What did you do:

1. Received what should be the last of my supplies. LEDs, motion sensors, arduino board.

2. Continued working on my scarf.

3. Wrote up the code for what I would like the scarf to do.


1. Would have liked my scarf to be finished thus far.


1. Wrote the first draft of my code, thinking it went okay, ready to test it this week.

Next week:

1. Sew LED’s and Motion sensors onto scarf. 

Week 4 – Update

What did you do this week?

I finishing cutting my pattern for a 3rd (and hopefullly last) time:

The pulse sensor seems to be working properly. I determined that I am able to get the best read from the sensor when it is placed on the inside of my wrist.  I think this will work nicely with the design of my jacket. I will put a velcro strap on the inside of the cuff to secure the sensor to the skin.

Describe the problems you encountered.

No major problems this week.

Describe the successes you had.

I was excited to get the pulse sensor working.

Are you on schedule?

I am on schedule.  Originally I had planned to finish the construction of the jacket first, but it made more sense to get the sensors up and running to determine how they will be best incorporated into the construction.

What do you plan to do next week?

Before Thanksgiving break I would like to make sure the proximity sensor works and start sewing the jacket together.


Moneo: Day 17

Week’s Accomplishments:

Tested soldering the copper wire thread to components. Seemed to work really well. Didn’t even burn the fabric too much!




Here is a close up of the wiring and solder connections. The wires are really small!





Copper taffeta from LessEMF. Nice stuff and the shipping was faster than I expected.




Close up of the taffeta. The conductivity is good across the surface, so hopefully this will be useful for a variety of tasks.




Both Teensys are plugged into the breadboard with SD-card slots. All we need now is the transmitters and we can get some communication happening.




Screenshot of the VCard loading from SD chip and then the SipHash running on it to generate a 64-bit hash code. Should be strong enough to avoid collision, while being short enough to transmit really fast for identification.


No serious problems apart from waiting for parts.


Hash code went smoother than expected. Discovered SipHash, a fast hash developed to resist collision attacks on hash tables. Not as safe as something like SHA1, but really fast for a micro-controller to perform (350 us!) and certainly suitable for a small scale prototype. Overall I’m quite pleased with it.


Starting to run behind I think, due to the delay on the RF transmitters. But the shielding fabric is in, so when I get them, I can start testing with that immediately.

Next week:

Hope and pray the transmitters arrive early, so I can figure them out by end of the week. There is a shipping notice, so here’s me hoping.


What did you do this week? [Include image(s)]
This week I stayed home sick and spent the big dollars on some new materials.
I ordered the magnets I am going to try out. They are little half-inch magnetic disks.

Next I ordered fabric:

Describe the problems you encountered

My main problem was missing class.  Another problem is shipping cost and it is too expensive.
Describe the successes you had

This complete post is about the biggest success this week.
Are you on schedule?

What do you plan to do next week?

I plan to go to class and be healthy.  I plan to have a nice little sit-down date with my accelerometer and really get personal.

week 3 update

– finished setting up loom
– ready to weave

– lily tiny and avr programmer didn’t end up working out the way I had anticipated.

– figured out a new plan with LEDs and sensors to create a motion detecting light up scarf.
– ordering the rest of my supplies tonight


– on time. finish construction of scarf this weekend begin writing code.