Final Project Presentations!

For Friday, please prepare a 5-minute (or more!) presentation on your final project. This should be in powerpoint, keynote, or similar format. Use a flash drive, dropbox, or laptop to present.

* 5-10 slides
* Include inspiration images/artists/designers/projects that are relevant to your idea.
* Include digital or scanned sketches of your project- if your design alters as part of the goal, please show the change concepts.
* Include a bulleted list of the steps of your process
* Include a bulleted list of the materials/tools you’ll use/need (this is a great way to find out if your classmates have resources you can tap into)
* Include a blurb on hypothetical/ideal production costs and quantities (if this is intended as a unique piece, please discuss where you see your piece fitting into the design world- i.e. couture, designer, off the rack, runway, art, performance, etc.)
* a list of ideas/concepts that you will need to master for completion.
* Include a fallback plan- what can you do to recover your project if it doesn’t go as planned?
* Include a loose calendar or schedule of when you’d like to be where in the process.



Project Pitch

Present a roughly 5 minute concept that explores your idea for final project.  This is meant to be more of a brainstorming session to think through possibilities for final projects. We will have a more formal project pitch in a few weeks when groups and and projects are decided.

Items that you should include in your presentation:

  • A description of the what you would like to do
  • A description of materials you intend to use
  • A description of what an ideal result would be
  • A list of what you know how to do
  • A list of what you think you know how to do
  • A list of thing you don’t know how to do


Use images/video of inspiration concepts and/or sketches of your own to illustrate your idea, if you can.

If you hope to work in a group, prepare a recruiting pitch.

If you have more than one idea, bring them all. Some ideas may be more developed than others. We can brainstorm in class to help you arrive at one you’d like to pursue.

Example Project- Earthquake Skirt

This student project pulls earthquake data from the US Geological Service to make a skirt “rumble” in response to real-time earthquakes. Erin Lewis programmed this using arduino.

Her blog post breaking down her idea is here:

Her website with other projects is here:

A video of a knit canoe that uses fiber optics to display real-time wind patterns on Lake Ontario is here: