late by a day, i know. but i got a lot done tonight to share!

here is a nice tatt to visualize how the coordinates are manifested on the athlete’s arm

here is a very nice photo of a magnet successfully nested in the knit fabric with silicone caulk

here is the prototype sleeve for sizing purposes

here is a movie prop from Elysium.  That is Matt Damon’s arm and he is modeling and testing the readings of the accelerometer.


here is a circuit completed with the use of the magnet as evidenced by the lit LED

What did you do this week?

I did a lot this week relative to past weeks.  I started soldering my circuit, which was really fun.  I also patterned and constructed the fabric sleeve “muslin”.  With the completed circuit, I tested LEDs and took accelerometer readings based on swimming movements.  On Sunday during my lifeguard shift, I took at swim to figure out rough stroke counts per pool length.  I really did a lot of little chores that included a lot of little tests.

Describe the problems you encountered.

The hardest thing this week was using the cold heat soldering system.  Tonight, I accidentally broke the tip so that was not good.

another thing that i have a problem with is that i am making my wires too long and they are going to be taking up a lot of space.

also, neodymium magnets lose magnetic force when heated so i kind of destroyed a lot of their magnetic hold when using the cold heat soldering gun…..

Describe the successes you had.

I won’t get to all of them, but I found that the magnets conduct electricity.  I found my circuit works in that the LEDs function and accelerometer takes accurate readings. I found that the silicone caulk fuses well to both the knit and the magnet.  I tested an iron-on tape that should help my magnet openings.

Are you on schedule?

I will finish by Friday.

What do you plan to do this week?

Finish strong and program a lot.