Moneo: Day 24

Week’s Accomplishments:

Tested Soldering the Copper Taffeta to the wire thread. Seemed to work very well. The solder sucked into the weave and the fabric did not melt under the brief exposure to the iron.
Very nice conductivity.
Best news of the week: The RF transmitters arrived. Finally. All ten from the second shipment are here, each in its own static bag.
Close up shot of the board.
Size comparison
These will be used to attach ribbon cable to the transmitters. The socket is a bit too large. I may end up soldering it to the underside of the assembly.


Time wasted waiting for transmitters. Also, intial tests with taffeta as RF shielding were less than successful.


The Taffeta soldered much better than I expected. If I can get it to act as an RF shield, I’ll be set.


Delayed. The shipping time on the transmitters has been a set back. Will need to work quickly to get them integrated.

Next week:

Acclerometer and wireless protocol development.