This week’s progress

  • What did you do this week? [Include image(s)]
Here is the current test of an LED covered in silicone caulk.  It functioned and was very bright still.
Here are tests of pink and blue LEDS that I received.  I am very pleased with their brightness and color.  I have decided that pink denotes the lowest workout(warm), blue is a medium workout(water, but getting “colder”), and white is the hardest light to attain(rock hard body like ice, also “icey”).
Here is my white knit spandex fabric soaked with water, showing how the LED shows through and I am very pleased with the results.
  • Describe the problems you encountered
The main problem was being lazy from Thanksgiving and not having as much time.  The bulk of this week’s work was during the Tuesday class.
  • Describe the successes you had
Successes include having successful tests of LEDs and confirming of the use of the silicone caulk that I have been using.  I believe it will waterproof my circuit very well.
  • Are you on schedule?
I am not on schedule to where I comfortable.  Of all my final projects, this one stresses me out the most, but this next week IS going to change that.
  • What do you plan to do next week?

Main thing to get done next week is coding.  Once coding is done, this project is easy for me to complete on my own.