Submission for 3DUI World Builder Contest

SculptUp: A Rapid, Immersive 3D Modeling Environment

Kevin Ponto Ross Tredinnick Aaron Bartholomew Carrie Roy
Dan Szafir Daniel Greenheck Joe Kohlmann

Abstract: Modeling complex objects and effects in mainstream graphics applications is not an easy task. Typically it takes a user months or years of training to feasibly make compelling computer graphics. We present SculptUp, an immersive modeling system that makes generating complex CGI easier and faster via an interaction paradigm that resembles real-world sculpting and painting.  SculptUp runs in a Cave Automatic Virtual Environment. Users interact with the virtual environment through a handheld wand and voice recognition. There are two unique states of manipulation: sculpt mode and world mode. In sculpt mode, the user creates, modifies, and paints volumetric material using a minimalist control scheme. In world mode, the user positions and resizes their detailed volumetric models to design a large-scale scene. Ultimately, SculptUp’s interface substantially expedites the creative process and catalyzes rapid scene prototyping.