What Color is The ____

See our group project this Sunday at the Wisconsin Science Festival

Panelist at PastForward Techlive

I will be panelist at the Historic Preservation Tech Panel Technology is changing the way we do preservation. We have the opportunity to deploy computer applications like data mapping, surveys, 3-D modeling, and laser scanning to save and steward more places. We kick off the PastForward Tech track with a […]

Living on Mars Panel at Wisconsin ScienceFest

Have you ever thought about what it would take to survive on Mars? This event puts you in contact with experts who will connect their research to surviving on Mars and give you an opportunity to ask them the questions you have about Mars. The Mars Invades Madison stations will […]

Panel on the Impact of Virtual Reality on Campus IT Architecture

I will be presenting on Virtual Reality and Campus IT Architecture at the Internet2 conference on 10/18/17 02:30PM-03:20PM Virtual reality is upon us – the consumer release of immersive head mounted displays has made high quality virtual reality experiences available to faculty, staff, and students around the world. The new capabilities […]