This page consists of some the newer projects in which I am involved in. To see some of my older projects check out .


link: PigeonBlog is a project by Beatriz da Costa with Cina Hazegh and Kevin Ponto. PigeonBlog provides an alternative way to participate environmental air pollution data gathering. The project equips urban homing pigeons with GPS enabled electronic air pollution sensing devices capable of sending real-time location based air pollution and […]


More and more of health care occurs in the home, and a growing number of computer tools are becoming available to help people manage personal health concerns and health information. This project will figure out how features of the home interior, such as the adequacy and privacy of space available for health, […]

Virtual Exertions

Original Paper from 3DUI 2012 Abstract:We demonstrate a system that enables users to interact with virtual objects with natural body movements by combining visual information, kinesthetics and biofeedback from electromyograms (EMG). Our method allows virtual objects to be grasped, moved and dropped through muscle exertion classification based on physical world […]

Perceptual Calibration for Immersive Display Environments

Kevin Ponto, Michael Gleicher, Robert G. Radwin, and Hyun Joon Shin Abstract—The perception of objects, depth, and distance has been repeatedly shown to be divergent between virtual and physical environments. We hypothesize that many of these discrepancies stem from incorrect geometric viewing parameters, specifically that physical measurements of eye position […]

Submission for 3DUI World Builder Contest

SculptUp: A Rapid, Immersive 3D Modeling Environment Kevin Ponto Ross Tredinnick Aaron Bartholomew Carrie Roy Dan Szafir Daniel Greenheck Joe Kohlmann Abstract: Modeling complex objects and effects in mainstream graphics applications is not an easy task. Typically it takes a user months or years of training to feasibly make compelling […]