Monthly Archives: March 2013

I will be at IEEEVR and 3DUI 2013

Things I will be presenting on: 3DUI Competition SculptUp: A Rapid, Immersive 3D Modeling Environment Kevin Ponto, Ross Tredinnick, Aaron Bartholomew, Carrie Roy, Dan Szafir, Dan Greenheck, Joe Kohlmann 3DUI Poster Say It To See It: A Speech Based Immersive Model Retrieval System Ross Tredinnick, Kevin Ponto IEEEVR Long Paper […]

Perceptual Calibration for Immersive Display Environments

Kevin Ponto, Michael Gleicher, Robert G. Radwin, and Hyun Joon Shin Abstract—The perception of objects, depth, and distance has been repeatedly shown to be divergent between virtual and physical environments. We hypothesize that many of these discrepancies stem from incorrect geometric viewing parameters, specifically that physical measurements of eye position […]