Discovery Seminar

I will be giving a presentation this Friday as part of the Discovery Seminar Series.  Information is as follows

Discovery Seminar Series

Kevin Ponto
Assistant Professor, Design Studies, Living Environments Laboratory
Wisconsin Institute for Discovery

Friday, April 12th, Noon
Researchers’ Link
*Lunch will be provided*

Experiencing Data: How new technologies are reshaping the divide between the physical and digital worlds
Communicating recreation of experiences is found throughout history in the forms of paintings, sculptures, and storytelling. Recently, film and media outlets have found new profitability in the use of 3D media as a way to bring the viewer “into the action”. Unfortunately, the current means of content creation and presentation are done to fit a wide audience, resulting in a poor 3D experience.

Virtual reality systems, such as the CAVE at WID, are able to create personalized 3D visuals that produce the illusion of being in another place. This talk will focus on recently completed research that enables the calibration of a 3D virtual environment based on an individual’s perception, enabling an improved viewer experience. In addition, this talk will showcase our work on natural user interfaces, enabling new means for artistic creation and studies of human behavior. Finally, the talk will discuss logical progressions and future directions for the field of virtual reality.