Speaking at the Big Ideas for Busy People for ScienceFest

Back by popular demand for a second year at the Wisconsin Science Festival, Big Ideas for Busy People is a one-of-a-kind event that is a centerpiece of the Cambridge (MA) Science Festival. More than a half dozen of the University of Wisconsin’s best and brightest in areas ranging from fossils to supernovas and from virtual reality to real-life politics in Wisconsin highlight their groundbreaking work—for five minutes—with another five for audience Q&A before the gong sounds and it’s on to the next world-renowned speaker.

Moderated by Judy Davidoff, editor of Isthmus, Big Ideas features:

  • John Hawks, professor of anthropology and author of one of the most popular science blogs in the country
  • Jordan Ellenberg, professor of mathematics and NY Times bestselling author of How Not to be Wrong
  • Kathy Cramer, professor of political science
  • Eric Wilcots, professor of astronomy
  • Kevin Ponto, assistant professor of design studies
  • Bilge Mutlu, associate professor of computer science
  • Sunduz Keles, professor of biostatistics
  • Andreas Velten, research affiliate, Morgridge Institute
  • Janis Eells, professor of biomedical sciences, UW-Milwaukee