Moneo: Day 10

Parts on Order

  • Soldering Iron + Tip
  • Solder
  • Wireless Modules
  • Pack of extra MicroSD cards

Parts Received

  • 41 gauge copper wire

Work Completed

  • Completed trial circuit with Teensy and MicroSD card reader. Successfully ran code to list files on card. [Image Forthcoming]
  • Spun copper wire into a 5-ply copper thread for connecting components [Image Forthcoming]


Still looking good. There has been some delay with a few parts and timing may become tight if I need to order shielding fabrics, but overall I’m happy with the progress. The spun copper wire should solve the potential problem of fuzzy conductive thread shorting out nearby holds on the PCBs. Still need to determine how to wire up the wireless modules.

I’ve decided to use the VCard standard for holding the business cards. Its well supported and small, so it should be fine for storing and transmitting. Next week will see more software development on this end, but it will be difficult to get a good sense of it all until the transmitters arrive.