Moneo: Day 42

Week’s Accomplishments:


Determining wire layout was very time consuming, as well as sewing with the wire thread. Due to its ability to hold shape, the thread proved extremely likely to kink and hold in the neoprene, preventing quick assembly. Additionally, since the wire needed to be soldered, no testing could be done until everything was assembled fully, leading to a rather nerve wracking experience.


The first prototype is assembled. For the first time, all the hardware components are together on one circuit. This should make the second band faster to assemble, but who knows.


Running out of time. But still confident that the system will be working (in some state) by the end of the week.

Next week:

Assembly of the final band is going to happen tomorrow. After that, all that is left will be to combine the various software components I’ve been building into one single program that detects motion, sends the file, and stores the results. Not insignificant, but it should be doable.