Assignment 3

Due: Before Class on September 25th

Find a project that deals with wearable computing and post a link.   These projects can either be research papers, kickstarters, blog posts and so on.

Format your post as follows:

1:  Post a link to the reference material.  
These can either be

  1. A link to a research paper (PDF)
  2. A blog post which describes the work (link)
  3. A video which describes the work (Video Embed)

2: A brief description of the project.

Please include:

  • A description of what this project does
  • Why you selected it
  • How well you think the project accomplishes its objectives

Label your post in the Assignments categories.


How is this different from Assignment 2?

In Assignment 2 videos just needed to be related to the field.  This means that videos could be conceptual, as in Tom’s post.  However, for this assignment videos would need to be of a project (i.e. it really exists).  An example of a post which would work for both Assignment 2 and 3 would come from Eric’s post.