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Gaming Gloves 11/23

This week we solded the pressure sensors and ordered (again) the bluetooth pin that haven`t reached yet. In the picture below you can see how the pressure sensors were solded to the cables. The next step is to sew up the protection for the fingers which also contains the sensors so the player can press his finger agaisnt almost any surface. We also hope to start the software this week(the only obstacle will be create a program without the bluetooth board to test it).


Gaming Gloves project week 2

This week we learned more about the behavior of the velostat fabric. It is very sensible and we need to use it with neoprene to get better results. Our Bluetooth board didn’t arrive yet so we could not use it to start creating the code (we need to do some tests with the board). The seller sent us an email saying that we are supposed to receive the board in the next Tuesday. We didn’t met any cute animal to take pictures by the way :(.

Initial project pitch

My Project will be the same that I mentioned in the assignment 4: gloves to play games without using the keyboard. If the user press his finger against any surface, a defined button will be pressed as if it was pressed in the keyboard. I would prefer to work with someone else in this project because I will need to deal with a Bluetooth pin and make it communicates with the computer by Bluetooth signal.  I’m pretty confident that this will be a useful project specially in the winter, when you want to play some games but your hand is freezing. I think that the programming part will be hard to do because of the Bluetooth issue and the need to don’t have delay when the buttons are pressed, but the project worth it.



Assignment 4 – Jhonatt Lima

I was thinking about this project during  the last two weeks. It’s about a glove that can be used to play computer games that requires the user to press a limited number of buttons, like Q,W,E or R. It could be adjusted to work with another combination of buttons, in fact. Basically, you would not need a keyboard to play and could use any surface to press the buttons.

This project could be famous and pretty useful among MOBA players like League of Legends and Defense Of The Ancients (DOTA). With these special gloves you can play using a  TV as a monitor and a table as keyboard, for example. As a challenge I think that would be a little hard to configure the Bluetooth plate and create an interface to computers that interact with Lilypad and work properly.



Vivo Solar Bag


            It’s about a bagpack which has a solar panel attached and this panel charge a battery which can be used to recharge other devices. It comes with an USB cable and seven different adapters.

Why I selected it

            Because is a pretty useful device specially for people who travels a lot and don’t have close outlets, like a trip to a forest or a desert.

How well you think the project accomplishes its objectives

            Very well. The rechargeable battery can be used as a reserve energy source to charge phones, cameras, GPS and other devices that requires energy.

Link to the video:


Nod bluetooth ring

This article is about a ring that can be used to control some devices like smartphones, smarttvs, and other devices which uses internet. With this ring it’s possible to slide pictures, select videos and even play games only by moving the hand or some fingers. It is waterproof and uses bluetooth to connect with other devices. It is pretty interesting because you can control your devices without having a real controller.