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FINAL Project Pitch (Due 10/28)

For Tuesday, 10/28, please prepare a 5-minute (or more!) presentation on your final project. This should be in powerpoint, keynote, or similar format. Use a flash drive, dropbox, or laptop to present.

* 5-10 slides
* Include inspiration images/artists/designers/projects that are relevant to your idea.
* Include digital or scanned sketches of your project- if your design alters as part of the goal, please show the change concepts.
* Include a bulleted list of the steps of your process
* Include a bulleted list of the materials/tools you’ll use/need (this is a great way to find out if your classmates have resources you can tap into)
* Include a blurb on hypothetical/ideal production costs and quantities (if this is intended as a unique piece, please discuss where you see your piece fitting into the design world- i.e. couture, designer, off the rack, runway, art, performance, etc.)
* a list of ideas/concepts that you will need to master for completion.
* Include a fallback plan- what can you do to recover your project if it doesn’t go as planned?
* Include a loose calendar or schedule of when you’d like to be where in the process.