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Assignment 2

Due: Before class on September 11

Find a link to a video that pertains to wearable computing and technology.  These videos could come from youtube, vimeo, or a link to an external website.  Make a post using the “Links” category.

Assignment 1

Due: Before class on September 4th.

Your first assignment is to find an article, video, blog post related to wearable computing, technology.  You will make a blog post on the website.

First, you need to log onto the site.  If you are off-campus, you will need use VPN.  You can find directions how to do so here

Make sure your select the “Links” category on the right.

You will present these articles in class on September 4th.  In class you will:

  1. Describe the purpose of your posted piece.  If it is an artifact, describe what it is, how it works, etc.  If the piece is argumentative, describe the position of the article.
  2. Describe why it is interesting to you

Task 1 Requirements

The goal of this task is to design a circuit which utilizes various lights (LEDs). Your circuit should be constructed with conductive thread. Describe your design choices and post of video of your circuit in action.

Items you need for class

We recommend the following hardware for the class:

ProtoSnap – LilyPad Development Board
or similar microcontroller, LEDs, sensors, etc

USB mini-B
for the microcontroller

Embroidery Hoop

Fabric Marker

Of your choice.

Needle Threader

Something to hold your supplies


Project Requirements

  1. Your project must be interactive.
    This means your project cannot be a series of blinking lights. It must respond to user actions in some way.
  2. Your project must be wearable.
    This means it must be able to affixed to the user when they are mobile.
  3. Your project must be functional.
    Course projects are meant to be prototypes or proof of concepts of larger ideas. Projects should be able to demonstrate their intended purpose.