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Thermoelectric Bracelet that Induces Perceptual Heating

This project is based off the Wristify from the MIT students, but rather instead of thermoelectric cooling it will perform thermoelectric heating.  The idea is that by sending pulses of heat at certain time intervals to the wrist, the brain is tricked into thinking the body is warming up when in reality, the temperature at your wrist is only changing a few degrees.  This phenomenon is similar to walking into a sauna.  At first, it appears that the environment is very hot, but then you get used to it and its fine.  What Im trying to accomplish with this project is analogous to walking into the sauna repeatedly at certain time intervals to give the perception that you’re heating up.  So this device will essentially act as a personal air conditioning unit.

I intend to work alone for this project

I am confident in my abilities to design and solder the accommodating circuitry for the project and write the code needed to send the pulses when two buttons are pressed(quite simple).  What I am a bit worried about is making it small enough so that it is actually practical and that people would wear it without interfering with motion. No one wants to walk around with a big cumbersome heatsink attached to their wrist.

Below is a block diagram of how the electronics would be connected



Initial Project Pitch

  1. I want to make a dress that has leds and when a person moves or dances the leds will be on with the random pattern. Also, if I have time than I want to make a flapping butterfly brooch that flaps the wing
  2. I want to work individual because I want to put it in to my protfolio
  3. I feel okay with making clothes and putting leds to the dress and I think I am less confident about the controlling the sensors and making arduino program.





Final Project Pitch – SafeBand

My project will be the same that I mentioned on assignment 4, the SafeBand. So, It will be a small device connect via Bluetooth to a smartphone app.  The device will have a little button, when the button is pressed, the fit band will send a signal to the smartphone , sending  a e-mail/text message with the user location to a pre-registered list of people informing that the user is in some kind of dangerous situation.

A possible implementation would be to add a sensor that monitor the life signals from the user, and if it’s below a certain value we would alert his contacts as explained above.

The challenges that we might face on this project would be:

  • Find a hardware small enough to fit on a fitband. ( Maybe in the prototype we would use something bigger)
  • Battery life ( We will have to figure out a way to put the Bluetooth on a sleeping mode or something similar)


Initial project pitch

My Project will be the same that I mentioned in the assignment 4: gloves to play games without using the keyboard. If the user press his finger against any surface, a defined button will be pressed as if it was pressed in the keyboard. I would prefer to work with someone else in this project because I will need to deal with a Bluetooth pin and make it communicates with the computer by Bluetooth signal.  I’m pretty confident that this will be a useful project specially in the winter, when you want to play some games but your hand is freezing. I think that the programming part will be hard to do because of the Bluetooth issue and the need to don’t have delay when the buttons are pressed, but the project worth it.



Project Requirements

  1. Your project must be interactive.
    This means your project cannot be a series of blinking lights. It must respond to user actions in some way.
  2. Your project must be wearable.
    This means it must be able to affixed to the user when they are mobile.
  3. Your project must be functional.
    Course projects are meant to be prototypes or proof of concepts of larger ideas. Projects should be able to demonstrate their intended purpose.