Game with Blinking Lights and Cheesy, Badly Transcribed Uplifting Trance Melodies

My design implements a simple game with two sets of blinking LEDs. The LEDs on the left-hand side blink at a constant rate, while the ones on the right-hand side blink at a rate that is controlled using the illumination of the light sensor. Shining more light on the light sensor will make the LEDs on the right blink faster.

The objective of the game is to get both LEDs to blink in sync by shining the right amount of light on the light sensor.  Both sets of LEDs must also blink in phase; this can be achieved by pressing and holding the button, which will delay the blinking phase of the right-hand LEDs. Once the player has won the game, they are rewarded with a melody, played through the buzzer. The melody is accompanied by vibration and LEDs blinking in sync with the melody.

Inputs: button, light sensor

Outputs: 4 LEDs, buzzer, vibe