11/16 : Lights-up Dress weekly post

  • This week I was working on the “Shift Register”. I found the code related to the shift register on the adafruit learning page.  I used the borad to connect the shift register, 8 leds together and I finally connectted to the  lilly pad. And I run the program to see that it works or not. I had problems with the programming the code. Although, the basic code that I got from adafruit worked perfectly, when I changed the codeto make the different pattern the code wasn’t working. I think it is because of the “bitset” that I wasn’t sure about. I think I am little bit behind on my sechedule because I was sick on Tuesday and I missed one class period. Also, I think dealing with the shift register and accelerometer will take more time than I thought. My plan for next week is that I want to finish programming the shift register and start with the accelerometer.