Final Post Guidelines

As an initial note, remember that your final post will be the first thing the outside world will see when they find your project.  This post should include the following items:

  1. Upload images and videos of your final project and an image of your final poster as a JPG
  2. Describe what your project does and how it works
  3. What are your overall feelings on your project? Are you pleased, disappointed, etc.?
  4.  How well did your project meet your original project description and goals?
  5. What were the largest hurdles you encountered?  How did you overcome these challenges?
  6.  If you had more time, what would you do next? 

This post is due by Thursday, December 18th at 5pm.  Extensions are available upon email request.  Also, please make sure the category tag for all of your project posts are correct.  You can check if the tag is correct by clicking the menu item for your project.

Also, send an email with the following items to kbponto and frantal @ by the same date :

First for everyone
What are your personal thoughts and feelings on the project?
What are they greatest strides you made in this course?

For those people who worked in teams
What is your opinion of the about the team dynamics of your group?
Do you feel that everyone in your group contributed to the project?
Do you feel that  everyone in your group should receive the same grade?

Optional questions about the course in general
What worked in this class and should be continued?
What didn’t work in this class?
What is something that isn’t currently happening in the course and should be started?
Thoughts for Jess as a TA
Thoughts on the course time and structure