Mario Party VR

Mario Party

Project Description:

This project is about reinventing Nintendo’s classic, Mario Party, in a virtual environment where players can physically participating in interactive mini games, while racing to the end of the board. Each user will be placed on the game board, and the same game mechanics will take place- each user has the opportunity to jump-punch the dice, walk up to their designated square (an event may take place on special squares), and a mini game will take place at the end of each cycle for the users to earn coins/stars. A Microsoft Kinect will be used to detect the player’s movements during mini games, and an Oculus Rift will be used by all players to participate in the game environment. This project is for entertainment purposes.

Additional research needs to be done for specifics, but this project is likely possible because Mario characters are mostly license-free:

Project Type:
Experience/Video Game


This is a project that I would like to do

Device(s) to Be Used:

Oculus Rift and Microsoft Kinect

Things I Know How To Do:

I have experience using an Oculus Rift and gaming with a Kinect.

Things I Would Need Help With:

I would not know how to develop the game. I would need help with Unity, and using the Kinect to detect motions.