Project Information

There have been a few questions of how we will evaluate your projects.  We will be looking at four areas when reviewing your projects:

  • Functionality
    • Does your project do what it is supposed to do?
  • Design
    • How does the project look and feel?
  • Effort
    • Did thought and work going into producing the final product. This is especially important in cases where the projects may not fit the original intention
  • Creativity
    • Did you create something unique?  This could be in a final product, in a solution to a problem, the gathering of new knowledge, etc

Note that while all group members are expected to contribute, we expect equity not equality (if you are curious about how these are different, read  We are hoping that each group member can contribute their unique skills into the creation of the final product.

Upcoming Schedule:

Your projects will be showcased on the final week of class.  For more information, refer to the Final Project Presentations

After our final presentations, you will be asked to make a Final Project Post and send a Final Project Email before midnight of the following Sunday.