Dec 1 Update



Caption: Placing objects is hard.


Dec 1 Weekly Post

  • This week:
    • Sunny, Sara and Jamie continued to work on placing more assets in the Hololens within the spatial map of our room. Much like in the last posting, the work revolved around getting the objects to appear at the right positions and debugging any issues that showed up in the process.
    • Brandee and Sara helped with testing and troubleshooting our project with the Hololens.
    • We all began planning for our presentation and discussing what we can accomplish in the short time we’ll have to present as well as planning video backup in case our spatial mapping doesn’t work in the classroom. Brandee researched ways to create and present a video demo of our project in case it doesn’t work.
    • In light of recent setbacks, we discussed new project timelines and additional meeting times.
  • Accomplishments:
    • Sara was able to work with the particle system in Unity to create lasers that we hope to use as part of the puzzle, although we haven’t yet tried viewing them through the Hololens.
    • Picture is placed on wall and shipping box is placed on floor when using HoloLens!
  • Problems encountered:
    • We struggled a lot with the wifi connection for the Hololens, and this slowed our work down.
    • We are still facing the same problems as described in the last post with respect to placing assets at the right position within the room. Although it has gotten a little easier dealing with them owing to our increased familiarity with the Hololens over time, they still impede our progress.
  • Plans for the upcoming week:
    • We will meet at least twice to continue placing assets and are hoping to move to working on gestures for interacting with assets.
    • We will begin working on our presentation.