12/1 Update of Update

What each individual in the group worked on over the last week: Mel: I worked on expanding the terrain, and adding more terrain features. I also added audio files so when […]

Final Project Post

Due: 11:59pm Sunday 12/18/16 Your final project post is meant to the final public facing front for your project.  For your post include the following: Motivation What is the goal of […]

Final Project Presentations

Here is the schedule for the presentations: Tuesday (December 13) Awesome VR RPG Flight Simulator Moral Coders VR Surgery Simulator Thursday (December 15) Explorers Sixth Sense Hololens Prock Each group should […]

Prock Update 3

This last week felt like a lot of thrashing on design up until Wednesday evening. The issue was figuring out how to lay out boxes, or our code element representations, […]

First Group Posting

Due: Thursday, 11/3/16 at 11:59pm Now we have our project teams setup, we start having weekly posts.  This weeks post will be due Thursday night so you will have Thursday’s […]

Assignment 3

Due: 9am Thursday October 27 (One post per group) Now that you have your groups selected, you next task is to make a group post describing your project. You post […]