Job Opportunity for MS Students

The Manufacturing Technologies group in GE Global Research Center (GRC), Niskayuna has multiple openings for entry level Virtual Reality (VR)/Augmented Reality (AR) engineers. Ideal candidates must be proficient in Unity3D/Unreal […]

Project Information

There have been a few questions of how we will evaluate your projects.  We will be looking at four areas when reviewing your projects: Functionality Does your project do what […]

Final Project Email

Due: 11:59pm Sunday 12/18/16 Send an email to the instructors which answers the following questions: Your personal thoughts and feelings on the project Your opinion of the about the team […]

Final Project Post

Due: 11:59pm Sunday 12/18/16 Your final project post is meant to the final public facing front for your project.  For your post include the following: Motivation What is the goal of […]

Final Project Presentations

Here is the schedule for the presentations: Tuesday (December 13) Awesome VR RPG Flight Simulator Moral Coders VR Surgery Simulator Thursday (December 15) Explorers Sixth Sense Hololens Prock Each group should […]

Reading 11

For class 12/6/16 Post Comments by 11:59 pm on 12/4/16 Putting yourself in the skin of a black avatar reduces implicit racial bias Tabitha C. Peck, Sofia Seinfeld, Salvatore M. Agliotic, […]