Multicolored Melody Idea

Dec 8 Update

This week: Summary: We met several times this week to continue troubleshooting our spatial mapping and asset placement. We focused on documenting our experiments and after limited success, we moved […]

Dec 1 Update

Caption: Placing objects is hard.   Dec 1 Weekly Post This week: Sunny, Sara and Jamie continued to work on placing more assets in the Hololens within the spatial map […]

Nov 27 Update

(Troubleshooting asset placement)   This week: Sunny and Jamie worked on object placement and having them show up correctly (in terms of orientation and location) in Hololens, and debugging issues […]

Nov 17 Update

This week: We storyboarded our escape game idea and worked on spatial mapping and assets in Unity. Each group member has brainstormed and contributed ideas for our game. Sunny and […]

11/9 Update

This week: We met to flesh out our story idea and begin working with the Hololens. Due to this being the first week, most of the work has been shared. […]

Project Timeline

Workflow: GitHub, Slack Meetings: WID Prep for Sunday: Come up with 2-3 story and draft ideas 11/6 –  6-8 pm: Project meeting Agenda: Decide on story ideas, draft design plan […]

Multicolored Melody Idea

Team Name: Multicolored Melody Group members Brandee Easter, Sunny Shah, Jamie Artin, Sara Bonefas Project Description The purpose of the project is to give the user an experience of synesthesia. […]