Nov 17 Update


  • This week: We storyboarded our escape game idea and worked on spatial mapping and assets in Unity. Each group member has brainstormed and contributed ideas for our game. Sunny and Jamie researched and worked on spatial mapping, Sara researched gestures, and Sara and Brandee storyboarded our idea and found assets.
  • Accomplishments: We have a plan and storyboard for the clues and puzzles that will make up our escape game. We also decided on a heist theme, which will give the player the extra task of locating valuables before figuring out how to exit the room. We also found assets for the game.
  • Problems encountered: We struggled to get the spatial mapping working, but have gotten the initial setup done.
  • Plans for the upcoming week: We plan to get some of our scenes into the Unity and try to get some basic interaction done with the game objects.