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Questioning naturalism in 3D user interfaces

By Doug A. Bowman, Ryan P . McMahan, and Eric D. Ragan
Communications of the ACM 2012 vol. 55 (9)

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Discussion (Write a paragraph on each of these subjects):

What do you think of the described experiments?  What studies did you find interesting?  What studies do you have questions about?

The authors pose the question, “is there an inherent “goodness” to natural mappings, or can we make interaction in the virtual world “better” than interaction in the real world?” For environments which are not meant to mimic physical environments, is it important to create “natural” 3D user interfaces?

What do you think of authors choice of separating 3DUIs into groups of natural vs magical?  Do you agree with the authors that magical interfaces that are “intentionally less natural” might “enhance natural interactions to make them more powerful”?

Concept of 3DUIs:
How do you see 3DUIs fitting in the concepts of virtual reality and presence? Can these concepts exists effectively on independently?