Awesome VR RPG

12/7 RPG Update

What each individual in the group worked on over the last week Amarah – Finished intro scene/level to the game, debugged game. Matt – Completed first level and got a […]

12/1 RPG Update

The goal of our project is to create an RPG game with multiple endings based on the users decision. Amarah created the intro scene to the game, of which the […]

11/16 RPG VR Game Update

We all have come up with a list of more puzzle ideas last week, and are beginning the puzzle construction process. Right now, we’re collectively learning Unity and C# script […]

11/9 Update

This week: We began fleshing out the storyline of our RPG and planned out a lot of the puzzles we want to incorporate into the game. We also all began […]

Awesome VR RPG (title TBD)   Team name: RPG team (title of game to be determined) Group: Amarah Sharif, Matt Binza, Mais Aleis Description: This project revolves around breaking some of the standard tropes of […]