RPG Puzzle First Project Report

  • What has changed from your first initial project post? (this could be adjustments in concept, equipment or personnel)

Not much at the moment.  We have made slight adjustments in terms of room size considering the space restrictions of the Vive sensors.


  • Create a timeline for the semester?  What do you intended to be done when?  What are the major project milestones?

5 Weeks

Week 1

Story Planning Puzzles RPG Elements.

Learning Unity / C#.  Make a basic Room with Camera planned.  See how much room we must work with.

Week 2

Design Monsters, Program RPG elements / menu / text.

Week 3

Know how many rooms we are doing.  One room should practically finished.


Week 4

Finish the rest of the rooms.


Week 5

Finish the rest of the rooms and polish.


  • What are you fallback plans and contingencies?  What will you do if things don’t go as planned?

If time is an issue, we will consider doing less rooms.  If an aspect of a puzzle isn’t working, we will plan on changing it sooner rather than later.  If we run into bug issues, we are confident that we will be able to fix errors.   If we have enough time, we can create a visual ending, however, if time is limited, the endings will be completely text based.



Finally, post on:

  • What accomplishments were made over the week?

Started initial narrative ideas.  Created a few puzzle concepts.  Planned out the project on a weekly basis.

  • Were any problems/issues encountered this week?

Skyler wasn’t here to collaborate with us.  Hopefully we can all meet over the weekend.

  • Include one item of media (image, video, concept art, etc)