First Group Posting: The Explorers

What has changed from your first initial project post? (this could be adjustments in concept, equipment or personnel)

    • No major change as of now.
  • Create a timeline for the semester?  
    • 11/03/2016
      • Understand how to use Oculus Rift and 360 Camera
      • Explore other universities’ virtual reality websites
      • Follow up with Campus relations team (Email has been sent, awaiting reply)
      • Understand how to capture 360 pano photos into VR
    • 11/10/2016:
      • A small POC using one of the VR devices covering any of the labs.
      • Decide on the Scope of the project
        • Mandatory Features which the VR tour should have
        • Stretch goal of the project
      • Decide on whether to you Unity or the Google cardboard SDK or youtube for uploading videos.
    • 11/18/2016:
      • Start getting familiarized with the platform chosen
      • Should have at least one final 360 video of the campus projected in the VR
    • 12/24/2016:
      • Initial Prototype should be ready by this date
    • 12/01/2016:
      • Polishing the final version of the project
    • 12/08/2016
      • Finish up the project posters and presentation
  • What do you intended to be done when?  What are the major project milestones?
    • Capture a 360 video with a professional guide walking in front of the camera
    • Have an agreement with the Campus and Visitor Relations office.
  • What are your fallback plans and contingencies?  What will you do if things don’t go as planned?
    • If we don’t find any professional guide then one of us will be talking about the campus and play the audio as we play the video.
    • If Oculus Rift has issues connecting with our laptops then we will switch to Google cardboard.

Finally, post on:


Important links: a 360 Video Player From Scratch  – Steps to upload 360 videos in Youtube – Steps to set up and watch 360 videos in Cardboard