Daily Archives: November 3, 2016

Prock Progress Report

Since forming the team two weeks ago we’ve met out of class once, during which Mickey laid out the work so far. We discussed structure, future design, and first steps, […]

VR Surgery Timeline

PROJECT TIMELINE We’ve split the project up into 4 parts: Phone, Environment Simulation and Integration. Each member will be responsible for a different part.  We plan to finish each part […]

Flying team timeline

Project timeline: Date Danny Li Mel Wasim 11/03-11/10 UDP connection PC – iPhone Create virtual environment with viewpoint Create an environment of terrain with trees and be able to fly […]

Project Timeline

Workflow: GitHub, Slack Meetings: WID Prep for Sunday: Come up with 2-3 story and draft ideas 11/6 –  6-8 pm: Project meeting Agenda: Decide on story ideas, draft design plan […]