Prock Update 3

This last week felt like a lot of thrashing on design up until Wednesday evening. The issue was figuring out how to lay out boxes, or our code element representations, […]

Prock Update 2

This week Mickey and Ken got into the lab for the first time, set up our environment, and made sure everything runs. We’ve set one weekly meeting time in that […]

Prock Progress Report

Since forming the team two weeks ago we’ve met out of class once, during which Mickey laid out the work so far. We discussed structure, future design, and first steps, […]

Prock- VR IDE

Concept art (at least one image): Your team name: Your group members: Logan Dirkx, Qinyuan Sun, Mickey Barboi A description of what you want to do (1-3 paragraphs): The goal […]

Prock: VR Programming

Project Description: Full-featured VR environment for writing, debugging, and understanding code written in an existing, real programming language. Like math, code is only the vehicle for the ideas of programming. […]