Prock- VR IDE

Concept art (at least one image):

Your team name:

Your group members: Logan Dirkx, Qinyuan Sun, Mickey Barboi

A description of what you want to do (1-3 paragraphs):

The goal of the project is to be able to visualize, edit, and execute a program in VR. Instead of designing a brand new visual programming language, we’re going to build an editor on top of Python code. Users should be able to interact with the code entirely through physical gestures, and the code should be represented in a meaningful way.

There are three main parts of the project: the code parser that reads in code, the graphics engine that renders it, and the graph clustering algorithms that choose relevant visualizations.

What is the purpose of the project:

This is not a “teach people to program” project. It would be great to see someone who doesn’t know how to code gain an understanding or an appreciation of programming using this, but our working theory is that visual programming in an environment like this is faster and/or provides more information in designing or debugging programs. There are three ways we can succeed in doing this: show that debugging is faster with our system, provide a representation of code structure in a useful way, or enable a user to program something useful faster than they could type it.

What will people experience:

Hopefully an intuitive creative feeling.

What take-aways do you want the user to have:

A new perspective on programming.

What equipment you plan to use:

Oculus Rift, computers, touch controllers.

What equipment do you need that you don’t have:

A graphically powerful computer on campus– Discovery center?

A description of what you think you know how to do (as a group):

    • Read and write python code in c++
    • Draw some basic graphics

A description of things you are less sure you know how to do (as a group):

    • Make sure that we don’t have to reimplement a programming language
    • Algorithmically render useful information

What are your first steps:

    • Link up base language parsing to the graphics shapes
    • Design and implement the rest of the graphics objects, basic engine setup