Reading 9

For class 11/15/16
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This week we will read two articles examining decision making in VR.

A method for generating an illusion of backwards time travel using immersive virtual reality—an exploratory study
Doron Friedman, Rodrigo Pizarro, Keren Or-Berkers, Solène Neyret, Xueni Pan, and Mel Slater



Personality differences predict decision-making in an accident situation in virtual driving
Uijong Ju ; June Kang ; Christian Wallraven

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As opposed to having dedicated questions,  we will leave your response to your own discretion.  However be sure that you have a minimum of 6 paragraphs.   If you are looking for topics to respond to you, you may think about commenting on:

  • Do you believe that these studies are useful and informative or are purely an academic exercise?
  • Do you believe that these studies are ethical?
  • What are the benefits of creating situations which could be traumatic for participants?
  • What are the dangers of this type of research?
  • Do the researchers findings support their research questions and objectives?
  • How would you improve upon the studies that are presented?
  • If you were to sit down with the authors of these papers, what questions would you like to ask them