1st Weekly Project Posting – Moral Coders

  • What each individual in the group worked on over the last week
    • Galen
      • Starting working with lab getting familiar with Vive interface and capabilities. Started working with Unity to create environment. Loaded environment onto lab computer and inserted character into environment. Researched asset packages available.
    • Caroline
      • Since this is my first time using Unity, I started by working through tutorials to get a feel for the application and familiarize myself with the different tools.
      • I created a few basic scenarios for practice. I then started to work on the basic elements of our project by creating a road scene. We loaded this scene into the Vive to get a general feel for how it worked thus far.
    • Tony
      • I investigated options for collaboration on Unity project; created a fb group for better communication; created a new Unity project with that collaboration; reserved team calendar
      • I also conducted a small research of other VR moral dilemmas and shared it in our fb group
      • Together we tested out how to try our project on HTC Vive, it works!
      • Posted all group posts on this blog
  • A description of the accomplishments made
    • we successfully ran our project on HTC Vive
    • we established team meetings, plan for next week, what each of us will work on
    • created a basic scene (Caroline) and agreed on next steps with it
    • we set up the Unity for collaboration
    • all of us tried the HTC Vive for the first time; it is awesome!
  • A description of the problems encountered (this section may be short for this week as we are still very early)
    • we didn’t know the password for lab comps, so ended our work bit earlier
    • we had hard time positioning camera properly in our world so the HTC position is correct
  • Plans for the upcoming week
    1. road fork – Caroline (This week I am going to work on developing the scene to add more elements that make it more realistic as well as figure out how to create a fork in the road.)
    2. add objects like car, people – Frank
    3. enable input tracking – Tonda
    4. object movement – Galen
    5. player movement tracking
    6. add surrounding world (choose and download from a gallery)
  • At least one piece of media related to your work (image, video, audio, etc)
    • 2016-11-08-17-46-22
    • 15032936_10211069306354329_4725988261024176311_n
    • I also wanted to put here a video of us testing it out, but it is too big to upload it here (max 20 mb); let me know if I should put it on youtube
    • link to info about collaboration (might be useful for other groups as well 🙂 ):