Prock Final Post

Prock VR IDE Final Project Post Mickey Barboi  |  Ken Sun  |  Logan Dirkx 12 . 18 . 16 Motivation Humans are wired to interact with their physical surroundings efficiently […]

Explorers Final Post

Motivation   What is the goal of your project?   The goal of the project was to provide the VR user with increased presence and immersive experience when touring a […]

Final post for VRsurgeon

Motivation   The motivation for this project was two-fold.  We wanted to make a realistic enough virtual surgery simulator that people could practice with enough realism to help them in […]

Sixth Sense – Due 12/18 – Final Posting

Title: Sixth Sense – Feel What You Read Team Members: Ameya Raul, Bixi Zhang, Shruthi Racha and Zhicheng Gu Motivation – What is the goal of your project? Charity drive […]

Palapeli’s Palace Final Post (RPG Group)

Motivation   This project revolves around breaking some of the standard tropes of most role-playing games by breaking boundaries with VR technology. Similar to a “choose your own adventure” type […]

Jewel Heist: A Hololens Experiment

Jewel Heist: A Hololens Experiment Jamie Artin, Sara Bonefas, Brandee Easter, and Sunny Shah MOTIVATION The core goal of our project is to explore the affordances of the Hololens and […]

Optional Project Demo Showcase for Fun

As we wont have time in class to see first hand the cool projects people are working on, we will open the SoHE lab up for playing around demos on […]

Job Opportunity for MS Students

The Manufacturing Technologies group in GE Global Research Center (GRC), Niskayuna has multiple openings for entry level Virtual Reality (VR)/Augmented Reality (AR) engineers. Ideal candidates must be proficient in Unity3D/Unreal […]