Assignment 2

Due: 9am Thursday October 13th (before class)

For our second assignment, we will have you pitch a project that will deal with the concepts of virtual and augmented reality.  This will help us get a sense for the kind of projects that people are interested in. If you don’t currently have an idea for a project, pitch a project that you think someone (not necessarily you) should do.  At this point we are more interested in the concepts people are looking to explore than the feasibility of your ideas.

First make a new post


Now fill in the title for your proposed project


Add an image that aids in explaining the concept for the project (this could be a photo, a sketch, and so on)



Please copy and paste this format and fill it in accordingly:

Project Description:

Project Type:


Device(s) to Be Used:

Things I Know How To Do:

Things I Would Need Help With:


Descriptions for each category:

Project Description: Describe what you want to do and why you want to do it.

Project Type: Is the project meant to explore a concept, or a device, or is it meant to perform an experiment, or is it simply about making an experience

Interest: Is this a project that you aren’t interested in doing or something that you think someone should do (but not necessarily you)

Device(s) to Be Used: This could be anything from a Vive, Rift, CAVE, Hololens, Phone, etc.

Things I Know How To Do: What tasks on this project do you feel like you would know how to do going in

Things I Would Need Help With: What tasks do you feel more uncertain about


Finally mark the category “Project Pitches” and click publish