Daily Archives: October 12, 2016

Firefighter Mentality

Project Description: Provide a virtual training environment for firefighters to mentally train in dangerous situations. This will help prepare the firefighters for extreme situations without the risk of the firefighters actually […]

iPhone AR shoot game

Project Description: It is pretty cool already if we can replicate what’s done in the video. But in addition to the video, I’d like to improve it with the following: […]

Drone battle: AR inside VR

Project Description: The video above illustrates the idea with special effect. In reality their game doesn’t have these laser/holo bases visible. But my approach is a little bit different: I want […]

Fly through a cave

  Project Description: Experience flying through a cave with wingsuit. Project Type: making an experience Interest: Interested in doing it myself. Ranked No.3 among my 3 proposals. Device(s) to Be Used: VR […]