Prock Update 2

This week Mickey and Ken got into the lab for the first time, set up our environment, and made sure everything runs. We’ve set one weekly meeting time in that lab on Mondays but are looking for another one.

Updates on Development:

  • The “boxes and lines” model is shaping up. Basic live code layout is done
  • Set up a physical model using gravity such that boxes self-organize in VR (instead of us having to statically assign positions.) This is done by (brutally) abusing Unreal’s gravity model, redirecting gravity for specific actors at specific vectors. All boxes repel each other while lines pull on the boxes on either end, keeping them together.
  • Switched from pure C++ back into blueprints. They’re very powerful, which makes us confident about our project!

Next week:

  • Set up “Framing,” or the batching of blocks and lines into logically consecutive statements
  • Logan will look into “Scoping,” or figuring out how to show relevant representations at every level of abstraction
  • Starting work on Running or using the Vive to set up VR controls and gestures+