Explorers – Week 9/11


  • What each individual in the group worked on over the last week
    • Since this was the first week of project most of the work was done in group. We spent most of the time in setting up the Oculus rift and 360 camera
  • A description of the accomplishments made
    • After understanding how to use fly360 to capture 360 video, we captured a couple of videos.
    • Uploaded the 360 videos in windows system and viewed in Oculus rift using Oculus video app
    • Got a reply from campus relation team and have mailed them to setup an appointment
  • A description of the problems encountered (this section may be short for this week as we are still very early)
    • Setting up Oculus rift
    • Using 360 camera with proper orientation. As of know we have tried placing the camera on the floor and on desk and with different orientations, but still we are not able to set the orientation correctly.
    • We have tried increasing the volume in oculus rift and standing near to camera while capturing video, but still the audio is not clear.
  • Plans for the upcoming week
    • Figure out the orientation of the camera so that we can start capturing the video of the campus.
    • Figure out how to stitch multiple 360 videos
    • Figure out how to facebook/youtube 360 videos in oculus rift
    • Follow up with the campus relations team.
  • At least one piece of media related to your work (image, video, audio, etc)

Here is the link for the 360 videos which we captured this week