Flying team timeline

Project timeline:

Date Danny Li Mel Wasim
11/03-11/10 UDP connection
PC – iPhone
Create virtual environment with viewpoint Create an environment of terrain with trees and be able to fly a plane around the environment through the keyboard

Test plane instead of using keys, using the joystick from the HMD

Circuit for fan speed control.
11/10-11/17 Input detection:

Convert R.P.Y. data from iPhone into:

1. Speed control: -1~1

Speed up (fold arms)

Slow down (rise arms)

2. Turn (tilde arms): -1~1

3. Altitude control: -1~1

Rise (rotate hands forward)

Dive (rotate hands backward)

Interface between PC and arduino to take commands from PC to control FAN speed

Possibly Interfacing of control signal from Unity/game engine based on interactivity in virtual environment.

11/17-11/24 Flying control based on physics model

Input: gesture detected from Danny’s previous step, current orientation (airplane/wingsuit gesture), current speed, wind speed.

Output: acceleration.

Look into changing the airplane into the inside of a plane. Look into models and assets. Interfacing hardware controls into motion of the airplane.
12/01-12/08 Create a tutorial for player to practice gestures:

This is an overlay shown to the player during the practice stage, structure the player to make the 6 expected controlling gestures. Once 6 gesture were confirmed successfully, move on to actual fly.

Goal accomplishment detection:
Check if the player did go through a cave, or if the player touched a coin.
Essentially do collision detection in unity.
Goal: Change airplane model to full inside of a plane. Testing the entire HW till this point. Looking into issues with VE and HW control interactions.
12/08-12/15 Merge all and debug


Optional task if anyone finishes theirs earlier and feels interested in these:

Game element: shooting etc.

Prepare voice guidance

Multiple players in Unity

Airplane wingsuit transition CG (not practical because it requires gesture change sitting->laying )