First Group Posting – The Moral Coders team

What has changed from your first initial project post? (this could be adjustments in concept, equipment or personnel)

We haven’t changed our aims from the first post. We established the time line and more specific goals for the project.

Create a timeline for the semester?  What do you intended to be done when?  What are the major project milestones?

  • Week 1 (7-13 November)
    • Familiarize with Unity
    • Setup project for collaboration (Git)
    • Begin development basic scenario
  • Week 2 (14-20 Nov)
    • Load into hardware
    • Finish basic scenario
    • Develop project further

  • Week 3 (21-27 Nov)
    • Thanksgiving
    • Continue to work on project individually

  • Week 4 (28 Nov-4 Dec)
    • Finish project for presentation

  • Week 5 (5-11 Dec)
    • Work on presentation
    • Finish final post

  • Week 6 (13 Dec)
    • Presentation

What are your fallback plans and contingencies? What will you do if things don’t go as planned?

We are planning on building our project beginning with simple low resolution scenarios and then adding complexity, resolution, storytelling, etc. This allows us to build a simple simulation and develop it into a virtual experience as we are able using the tools we have been learning about in class.

Finally, post on:

  • What accomplishments were made over the week?
    • We’ve established a general plan (seen above).
    • Determined that all group members are interested in putting users into a modern moral dilemma which organically gives user a binary choice.
  • Were any problems/issues encountered this week?
    • As we don’t know the technology, it was hard to establish what are we actually able to accomplish at the end of the semester
  • Include one item of media (image, video, concept art, etc)