Sixth Sense – Due 11/3 – First Posting

1) What has changed from your first initial project post? (this could be adjustments in concept, equipment or personnel)

    a) Our idea remains the same. Additional articles found.

2) Create a timeline for the semester?  What do you intended to be done when?  What are the major project milestones?

Literature Survey of prior art and case studies done along the lines of virtual reality used for Social Causes and Story Rendering.



Research and User Experience testing of the various VR headsets available and evaluate based on features and aptness for the problem under consideration.



Shortlist a set of literary articles (fictional and journalist), for which we would aim to create VR visualizations.

a) The Battle for Northern Syria

Over the past few days, Syrian rebels backed by the Turkish military have clashed with Kurdish fighters inside Syria. That’s thrown into chaos an anti-ISIS alliance that includes all of the above, and is led by US forces. Turkey sent tanks, artillery and planes into Syria last week in support of the rebels in order to drive ISIS from the border town of Jarablus. The US endorsed the mission and provided drones for surveillance and aerial support.

But the operation appears to be going in a different direction from the one the US had hoped. Turkish-backed forces are mostly focusing on attacking a Kurdish-dominated alliance with Arab fighters called the Syrian Democratic Forces, south of the town. An intervention the US initially welcomed now seems like it could benefit ISIS, in the short term, by setting the extremist group’s enemies against each other.

Turkish airstrikes have blasted Kurdish-held areas east and west of the Euphrates River, and helped the Turkish-allied Syrian rebels advance. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a monitoring group based in Britain, said at least 40 civilians were killed in Turkish shelling and airstrikes on Sunday. Officials in Turkey’s capital Ankara rejected the claim. Turkey, meanwhile, said it killed 25 Kurdish “terrorists” in strikes on Sunday. A day earlier, a Turkish soldier was killed in what Turkey said was a rocket attack by the Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units, or YPG.

b) Haiti Storm

Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti on October 4th, leaving entire communities destroyed by the heavy rainfall, wind, and flooding and creating the potential for Cholera outbreaks in its wake. Already, nearly 1,000 deaths are being reported in Haiti alone and OCHA is estimating that 1.4 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance following the storm. The time for action is now. We can work together to ensure that the people of Haiti have what they need to survive: access to clean water, food, shelter, sanitation facilities, and hygiene supplies.(

c) Bernie Sanders

Calling himself a Democratic socialist, Mr. Sanders has served in Congress as an independent from Vermont for more than two decades. Far to the left in his politics and sometimes grumpy in his demeanor, he is asking voters to join him in what he has framed as a political revolution, appealing to progressives frustrated with big challenges like income inequality.

“We have got to be as aggressive as we can in destroying ISIS, but we have to learn the lessons of the past, and that means we cannot do it alone.”

Mr. Sanders, who highlights his opposition to the war in Iraq, has a deep reluctance to use of military force. He says that the United States should assemble an international coalition to fight the Islamic State, but that Muslim nations need to lead the fight and should provide the ground troops. “The state itself, in a democratic, civilized society, should itself not be involved in the murder of other Americans.” Mr. Sanders took to the Senate floor in October to make a case against the death penalty, offering an implicit contrast with Hillary Clinton.

Frame functional requirements, design diagrams/sketches and user workflows. For example:

    a) How do we tell where the user is positioned in the VR scene?

    b) Should we project the text in VR like a subtitle, or should we use audio to narrate the scene in the background?

    c) Transitions from one scene to another as the user reads an article?

Create a prototype/proof of concept of a simple and small article

    a) The Battle for Northern Syria – 360° Virtual Reality Report:

    b) Haiti after the storm: and

    c) Bernie Sanders Rally:

Follow agile model to evaluate, analyse and incorporate changes/additions in the project as we progress.

Attempt to leverage machine learning techniques to auto generate visualizations. Use easy articles initially, and tweak the system accordingly.

3) What are you fallback plans and contingencies?  What will you do if things don’t go as planned?

    a) Currently we think it is feasabile to interpose text and VR 360 degree video. The fall back plan if this doesn’t work is to interpose audio narration of the article with the VR 360 degree video

4) What accomplishments were made over the week?

    a) Carried out research for the specific milestones mentioned in our timeline.

    b) We found some articles and placed them under the relevant points.

    c) Discussed feasability with TA and Professor.

    d) Obtained clarifications on the technical doubts that we had.

5) Were any problems/issues encountered this week?

    a) How to put a 360 degree video into VR/AR. How to change the video to 3D.

    b) You can watch 360 degree videos on youtube in Google Cardboard.

    c) Viewing Your 360 and 3D content in Oculus Video.

6) Include one item of media (image, video, concept art, etc)

    a) Posted above in the post