First Group Posting

Due: Thursday, 11/3/16 at 11:59pm

Now we have our project teams setup, we start having weekly posts.  This weeks post will be due Thursday night so you will have Thursday’s class to work on it.  For this post, first write on these topics:

  • What has changed from your first initial project post? (this could be adjustments in concept, equipment or personnel)
  • Create a timeline for the semester?  What do you intended to be done when?  What are the major project milestones?
  • What are you fallback plans and contingencies?  What will you do if things don’t go as planned?

Finally, post on:

  • What accomplishments were made over the week?
  • Were any problems/issues encountered this week?
  • Include one item of media (image, video, concept art, etc)

Put your post in the category labeled for your project team (please let us know if you would like a different project team tag).  This will let the menu system focus on your posts related to your project.

For example, for the “Explorers” team, check