Prock Update 4: Thanksgiving Weekend

No major milestones this week – everyone was quite busy with the Holidays.  Some technical roadblocks for Logan, but he’s shifting towards projects that better align with his skills.

Ken got his hands on a Vibe controller, so he’s working on connecting it with Unreal.  Also, he’s looking into trying to scale the model to the correct size for VR.

Mickey worked on execution path lines and finding a way to order the blocks in a meaningful way.  So far, the code is reading in properly from our sample files, loading sequentially into physical shapes in VR, and responding to physics.

Logan worked to try and get Unreal working on his computer so he could begin playing with the design of the blocks & connections.  Unfortunately, his hardware can’t handle Unreal so he’ll have to use a workstation in the future.  Instead, he tried learning python & RedBaron to create a static representation of a file for incorporation into the dynamic model.

Next week Logan is working on starting an ideal state design in Unity, Ken’s continuing his work with the controllers, and Mickey will keep blowing ahead with execution path line representations.

Image is a sketched out representation of a potential solution to our ‘framing’ problem (i.e. representing execution in a meaningful way)